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Digital Vernier Caliper IP54 Made of Hardened Stainless Steel Waterproof, Precise Measuring Inches & Millimeters Large LCD Screen -6″/150mm-Auto Off

·[Accurate Measurement] Measures up to 6”/150mm, accurate to .0005-inch (0.01-mm). Instantly converts between inch/millimeter/fractions with a touch of a button. The display can be zeroed at any point on the slide.

·[HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARD] Aickar Digital Calipers 6 inch are made of hardened stainless steel with depth-measurement probe and precision ground jaws. It also comes with IP Grade 54 to block out dust, insects and water splash.

·[Extra Large LCD Display] This digital caliper comes with a 0.47″x1.22″ large easy-to-read LCD screen that makes result-reading clearer. Instant reading makes it so much more convenient than any vernier caliper or micrometer caliper.

·[CHOOSE THE MEASURING MODE]: This digital Vernier caliper has 3 measuring modes to choose from. Just press the button and select inches, fractions or millimeters. Measure internal and external depth and step, dimensions, small objects, and many more!

·[ GET THIS DIGITAL CALIPER RISK FREE] : Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this digital caliper tool is backed by our 100% money back guarantee policy! Hold it in your hands, position the jaws, lock the thumb roller and off you go. Please purchase with confidence.


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Product Description

Digital Vernier Caliper IP54 Made of Hardened Stainless Steel Waterproof, Precise Measuring Inches & Millimeters Large LCD Screen -6″/150mm-Auto Off


Need to get precise measurements quickly and easily?
Get the certainty and accuracy you need with our Digital Caliper!
• Premium quality electronic Vernier caliper tool.
• Measure inside, outside, depth and step, dimensions, thickness, diameter, and more.
• Resilient stainless steel frame with large LCD screen.
• Powerful locking screw. Prevents the caliper jaws from sliding.
• Waterproof, rust resistant, lightweight, and compact measuring tool.
Accurately Determine The Dimensions Of Most Objects – Precise Readings On The Spot!
•Combining an excellent craftsmanship, durable stainless steel shaft and accurate measurements, this digital Vernier caliper is here to accommodate even your most demanding needs.
•Just zero the caliper before taking any measurements and let’s get going.
•The two upper jaws and two lower jaws can measure almost any object. there are a movable lower jaw and a movable upper jaw.
•The locking screw on top will prevent the caliper from moving and messing with your measurements.
•Enjoy easy, fast, and error-free readings from now on.
What you get:
• One caliper in a hard, molded plastic case
We offer 2 year warranty! Please purchase with confidence.


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