Anxingo E-Commerce is a specialized trading company focusing on parts & accessories on car & truck providingsince Aprial 2014.

We understand best product quality and customer servise are the basic exist for a company,so any issues or questions,pls feel free to contact us,all your e-mail will be answered within one business day.

Anxingo is a brand trademark has been registered in United States since 2016. The products providing on United States, Canada and Italy. You can buy it on this website directly or you also can buy it on both Amazon & eBay. The linkage are available on the bottom of home page.


You need the products we will quickly be mailed to you.The products are delivered to you from the warehouse of West america.Please be advised that at this time we do not ship internationally including the following states: Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Why our customers choose

1. Fast Delivery Unlike many online retailers, we carry all our own stock and ship [...]

Instructions on payments after purchases

Currently, all products have linkages to our Amazon or eBay pages when they are purchased, [...]